Wisconsin Cyclocross Results and Recaps for 2022 Races

Battle of Waterloo

September 25, 2022

There was a seemingly endless cycle of light rain and sun all day in Waterloo, WI, Sunday for the Battle of Waterloo cyclocross race, making the course muddy, slippery, and wholly unpredictable from lap to lap. 

The Battle of Waterloo was put on by Trek Midwest and 801 W. Madison, both affiliated with the Trek Bicycle Company, located down the road in Waterloo. 

Instead of writing a little bit about each race, I’m going to focus on three moments in the day that caught my attention. 

As always, let me know what you think of the format while I figure out what works! 

Races of the Day

1. Holly LaVesser is back. 

In her first races of the season, former cyclocross national champion LaVesser wasted no time stamping her authority back on women’s cyclocross in Wisconsin. 

Erin Feldhausen, who took second in the Master’s race in the morning, on the sideline for the elite women’s race due to illness, the battle was on. 

Caitlin Neuman (Neff), who won Saturday at Englewood CX, and junior Lyllie Sonnemann (Revolution) got off the front early, with LaVesser getting a slow start. 

Sonnemann used the same tactics as Saturday and follow Neuman’s wheel for as long as possible. 

She held the wheel, but LaVesser caught the pair and in the last lap, passed them and took the victory, after winning the morning’s Master’s race as well. 

LaVesser ended a series of second places in 2021 and set up a battle for the rest of the season between Feldhausen, Neuman, LaVesser, Sonnemann, and Amber Markey, who did not ride this weekend. 

2. Brianna Alexander and Sarah Kelnhofer are fast – for the second day in a row

Alexander (Adapt) in the Cat. 4 and Kelnhofer (Colavita) stormed to big wins at Englewood on Saturday. 

But both put fatigue – and the rest of the field – far behind them to take wins Sunday. 

Kelnhofer led pretty much from the first whistle outlasting Amy Lauer (Rebel midWest CX) and Nikki Munvez (Corpse Whale Racing). 

I never did have the chance to ask Munvez exactly what the team name is all about! 

Alexander, who raced to a lot of good results on the road all over the country this summer, had to fight off Munvez, who did two races, and Megan Agnew (Femme40).

Over 30 women started the Cat. 4, the biggest field I’ve seen in a long time.

Kelnhofer said she was a little sore after Saturday’s race. 

I’m betting that getting out of bed Monday morning was an adventure. 

3. Keep looking over your shoulder when Dan Teaters and Tim Hacker are behind you

Arlen Spicer (Serpentijn), Paul Braun (Fiets Club Flahute), and Danny Warner (F3) spent much of the day at the front of the Master’s 50-plus race.

Until they weren’t.

Until Tim Hacker kept a torrid pace and gradually passed each rider to take the lead in the last lap for the win. 

Spicer hung on for second, Anderson Bortoletto (Neff) stormed forward to take third. 

Likewise, in the 35-plus field, Jonathan Kloppenberg (Beaker Concepts) and Justin Marshall (Trek Midwest) led for most of the race, changing positions. 

Dan Teaters (Broken Spoke), who is the reigning state 35-plus champion, was lurking in the top five. 

Teaters made his way up to third, then caught the two leaders in the last lap, and passing them to take the win. 

Kloppenberg held on for second with Marshall just behind him. 

P.S. Notes

  1. Brian Matter (Linear Sport) got the Casey Hildbrandt-sized monkey off his back. 
  2. Watch out for Cat. 3 winner Max Garwick. Dude is super fast. 
  3. And watch out for Cat. 4 winner Aaron Messer (Velovit). Another really fast young dude.
  4. The Femme40 Racing team brought the party Sunday with the biggest representation in any race. Good to see so many new women experiencing the fun of cyclocross!  

Full results can be found here. 


ESPN has its Instant Classics for the games it covers.

Now Wisconsin cyclocross has its own instant classic in Englewood CX. 

Judging by the number of exciting sprint finishes as well as racer participation, Brazen Dropouts has a better and new venue to replace Sheehan Park. 

(Here’s my personal guideline on cross courses: If I’m having a bad asthma day, and I still want to keep doing more laps because I’m having that much fun, it’s a great course!)

Men’s Elite

Casey Hildebrandt (Broken Spoke) must be ready to tell me to go fly a kite.

At Lions Cross, I kept talking about how he didn’t want to drag Brian Matter (Linear Sport) to the line for a sprint. 

Hildebrandt won anyway. 

And yesterday, the two got away from the field again, and again, the race came down to the sprint, and again, I said that Hildebrandt did not want to bring Matter to the line. 

Instead, Hildebrandt played the course perfectly, keeping his speed high in the final corners with just the right line to prevent Matter from coming around to take the win. 

Dylan Schroeder (ASU Devo) passed Matt Riley (Linear Sport) in the last lap to take third. 

Women’s Elite

Caitlin Neuman (Neff Cycle) was once a Brazen Dropouts cycling team member, and she must really like Brazen courses. 

Last year, she won this race at Sheehan Park, giving Erin Feldhausen (Trek Midwest) one of her only elite defeats in the Wisconsin series. 

This year, Neuman, Feldhausen, and junior upstart Lyllie Sonnemann rode together the entire race in a high-speed train only to have Neuman completely derail the train with a big stick of dynamite in the last half lap to ride away for the win. Feldhausen and Sonnemann held on for second and third. 

Juie Phelps (Gryphon) found a bigger gear and rode to a strong fourth place. 

Women Masters

Erin Feldhausen (Trek Midwest), Julie Phelps (Gryphon), Sarah Kelnhofer (Colavita WI), and Heather Curnutt (Brazen Dropouts) clearly used their first race of the day to get a feel for the course because all four found bigger gears and had solid results in their afternoon races. 

They finished in that order, but more importantly, clearly found the lines in the course and where they could drive open gaps.

Women 3/ 4

Sarah Kelnhofer (Colavita) has been spinning her way to a lot of second places over the last couple of years in the Cat. 3 as riders like Lyllie Sonnemann and Daniela Madriz win races, then upgrade. 

That’s no slight on Kelnhofer, who has a busy career and three kids. 

She has shown herself to be a consistent rider, nearly always on the podum. 

On Saturday, though, a different rider showed up. 

Kelnhofer looked she shifted into a bigger gear and simply drove the bike harder than she normally does. 

And man, did she drive the bike. After the first lap, she was gone. 

But Heather Curnutt (Brazen Dropouts), with her solid warmup in the Masters race, did not let her get too far away. 

Curnutt finished second, while junior rider Isabella Moore (Pony Shop) rode consistently to nab the final podium spot. 

Women 4/ 5 

Briana Alexander (Adapt) did not mess around in her very first cyclocross race by storming off the front and riding out to a big lead. 

Alexander, a Cat. 3 rider on the road, did a lot of traveling this summer to St. Louis (twice), Tulsa, and Iowa, in addition to racing much of Tour of America’s Dairyland and the Intelligentsia Cup where she had some good results. 

Teammates Jenna Motz and Megan Agnew (Femme40) stayed in front of a large field to complete the podium.

Girls 15-18

Lyllie Sonnemann (Revolution) won her fourth junior race in a row, with El Bickham-Okoniewski (Kenosha Velosport) taking second and Jennifer Raychel (Team Wisconsin and the #RaychelRacingRegime) third. 

Girls 9-14

It was an impressive battle in the girls race with Eva Rachel (Team Wisconsin and the #RaychelRacingRegime) driving away to hold off Revolution teammates Stella Hague and Abigail Wood. 

Junior Boys 9-14

Rylan Zacharek (ASU) hung on for the win just in front of Minnesota rider Roczen Beissel (Northstar Development), while Henry Flentye (Pony Shop) was just behind them. 

Series leader Finn Sonnemann (Revolution) did not race due to illness. 

Junior Boys 15-18

Drake Dash (ABD) stayed true to his name by dashing away from the Thomas Agnew and Alex Mortvet to take the win. Agnew, whose family owns Englewood Farms, and Mortvet finished second and third.

Masters 35 Open

Brian Bierman (2-Bit Bicycle Goons) tried to get away from the first whistle. 

A small group gradually formed behind him with Chad Hartley (Adapt), Scott Daubert with a T (CX Hairs), and Josh Meyer (Heavy Pedal Velo Club). Jonathan Kloppenburg (Beaker) and Ben Schreiber (Linear Sport) were lurking just behind. 

Bierman kept the gap throughout most of the race, grimacing as he kept the pace as high as possible. 

The small group caught Bierman, who went to the front in the last few corners to attempt what Hildebrandt did to Matter. 

But Hartley went right and Daubert left and passed Bierman in the only possible place.

Hartley sprinted for the win, Daubert was second, and Meyer third. 

Masters 50 plus Open

Arlen Spicer (Serpentijn) added to his series lead with a win over Anderson Bortoletto (Neff Cycle) and Jarred Kerkhof (F3). 

Kevin Eichelberger (Stoic) continued his strong season with fourth place. 

Eichelberger had a breakout season last year in the Cat. 4s, and is now clearly comfortable in the faster race!

Single Speed Elite

Josh Fangman (Brazen Dropouts) continued his winning streak on the Englewood course that was maybe perfect for single speeders. 

Daniel Naef (Diablo) had a strong ride to finish second, while Alex Sukowaty (Broken Spoke) took the last place on the podium. 

Cat. 3/ 4 Open

At first, this looked to be deja vu all over again with Brian Kaker (Project Echelon), Gabriel Acaba (LAPT), and Danny Feuling (Adapt) would use their road racing skills to get off the front at Hill Bill. 

Soon, though, Acaba got away and scored his first Cat. 3 cyclocross win. 

Kaker was second, Feuling third, and Minnesota Cat. 4 rider Jacob Beissel fourth. 

Beissel and his son Roczen came down for the weekend since there were no Minnesota series races and made the most of their visit. 

Cat. 4 Open

Joaquin Medina (Adapt) wasted no time in his first race as a Cat. 4 in driving off the front to win in front of rapidly improving Michael Sublette, Thomas Agnew, and Drake Dash. 

Dash had already won the junior 15-18 race and Agnew finished second. 

Medina, who had a great summer on the road, winning several Cat. 4 and Cat. 3 races at Tour of America’s Dairyland and Intellegentsia Cup, powered away in the first lap and never looked back. 

Cat. 4 Women’s Single Speed

Femme40 team co-founder Keely Campbell showed her single speed prowess by getting ahead of Emily Raychel (Team Wisconsin and the #RaychelRacingRegime) and sticking her lead to the finish. Fellow Femme40 co-founder Kristin Zarr finished third.

Cat. 4 Men’s Single Speed

Nathan Danford won the single speed race with Jeremy Pomeroy (Gryphon) and Allan Schimberg also on the podium. 

Cat. 4 35 plus

Jacob Beissel, the Minnesota rider, came down and crushed some souls as he used his cycling power to ride away. 

In the first race of the day, Beissel got away with Kurtis Adams (Hollander) and Luke St. Clair chasing together. 

Adams pulled away late to take second. 

Cat. 4 50 plus

Brian Hanson (Diablo) was clearly on a mission from the start, driving a gap in front of Daniel Valenza (Hollander) who had a good gap on Pat Scheckel (Neff).

Cat. 5

David Rossiter and Keegan McCluskey outlasted Rylan Zacharek (ASU) to take first and second.


Full results can be found here

Hill Bill 2 Presented by Educator’s Credit Union

If the hills didn’t get you at OnMilwaukee’s Hill Bill 2 presented by Educator’s Credit Union on Sunday, the heat likely did. 

But Amber Markey, returning to cross racing after a long absence, conquered both the hills and the heat to get her first big win, beating Erin Feldhausen (Trek Midwest) on a brutally tough course. Markey said she just put her head down and rode as hard as she could all race. Lyllie Sonnemann (Revolution) took third. 

Michael Lambert (Velovit) made the steep hills look easy to win the elite men’s race. Matt Riley (Linear Sport) had a flat tire, fell back to the back of the 35 plus field, then motored all the way back to second. 

Ben Schreiber (Linear Sport) got the win in the 35 plus field putting time into his rivals every lap, while Tim Hacker (Trek) overcome a slow start to roll away from the 50 plus field. 

Feldhausen won her third masters women race in a row. 

Kristin Chalmers (University of Chicago) managed to stay away from Lindsay Platt (Femme40) to win her first Cat. 4 cyclocross race. 

Both Daniel Feuling (Adapt) and Alex Sukuwaty (Broken Spoke) earned first wins in their Cat. 3 and Single Speed elite races. 

Daniel Valenza (Hollander Belenlux) nearly won twice on Sunday when he got the W in the Cat. 4/ 5 50 plus and was pipped literally on the line to get second in the Open 4s, won by Russell Carpenter (Rapha Club). Matthew Bruss took the 35 plus Cat. 4 win and took third in the Cat. 4. Keegan McCluskey won the novice race by a long shot. None of these Cat. 4s rode like they were going to be 4s for long! 

Daniella Madriz won her second Women’s Cat. 3 in a row, and finished so far in front of her competitors that she was fifth in the elite race! 

Jack Lackman (Stoic) won his second junior race in a row while Lyllie Sonnemann (Revolution) won her eight billionth junior race in row. 

Henry Flentye led a Pony Shop podium sweep in the junior 9 to 14 with Sam Truesdale in second and Luke Wagliardo in third. Brooklyn Becker (Kenosha Velosport) won the girls race and her sister Sloan took second. 

Kayne Neigherbauer (2-Bit Bicycle Goons) and Emily Jo Raychel (Team Wisconsin) won the single speed Cat. 4/ 5 race

New mom and NICA team coach Steffanie Wallin won her first cross race in the fat bike category, while Adam Raychel (Team Wisconsin) won the men’s version.

The Simple Endurance Coaching Gritty Rides of the Day go to two juniors who really persevered pushing bikes that are bigger than they were up steep hills. William Flentye (Pony Shop) is a relentless ride who overcame a ton of challenges on the course, and Sloan Becker (Kenosha Velosport) crashed on her final lap on a steep descent. She got up and still rode to finish her race. 

Full results at crossresults.

Here’s a link to photos from Zachary Seib. This is Zach’s website.

Here are my burning questions for next weekend: If Casey Hildebrandt and Brian Matter show up next weekend, will Michael Lambert continue his dominant form? And likewise, will Amber Markey continue to emerge as one of the Midwest’s big cross talents? 

Finally, I’m wondering if the guys ready to upgrade to the 3s are going to take over the races like they have been doing! 

Race previews for Englewood and Battle of Waterloo coming Friday!


Flyover Silver Creek presented by Heavy Pedal Velo Club and Broken Spokes Bicycles

What a difference a week makes. 

After last Sunday’s cold mud fest in Waterford, Manitowoc was dry and hot for the Flyover Silver Creek cyclocross race

And with different conditions, different riders came out to play at the top of Heckle Hill. 

In the men’s elite race, Michael Lambert (Velovit), who won this year’s Wisconsin state road race, rode away from Matt Riley (Linear Sport Trek) on Silver Creek’s hills to take his first cross win of the year. The men’s Gritty Ride of the Day from Simple Endurance Coaching, though, goes to Jimmy Panther (MoMo Rider’s Club) who took fourth just one month after becoming a first-time father while his wife was hospitalized. 

Erin Feldhausen (Trek Midwest), though, kept her elite winning streak going this season by outdistancing Amber Markey. Junior sensation Lyllie Sonnemann (Revolution) finished third after getting her Cat. 2 upgrade. 

Junior Layla Jones (Stoic) rode away from the field to get her first women’s Cat. 4 win as well as, perhaps, more importantly, the Simple Endurance Gritty Ride of the Week for her relentless drive up the climbs in Silver Creek. 

Jennifer Bartloff and Whitney Welk (Linear Sport) finished second and third behind Jones.

One of the most exciting finishes was in the Boys 9-14 where Finnley Sonneman (Revolution), Henry Flentye (Pony Shop), and Tozer Jones (Stoic) rode together for the entire race until the last lap when Sonnemann dropped the hammer. Jones was second, and Flentye took third. 

Dustin LeClaire (MoMo) got his second career win as a Cat. 4, riding away from William Schultz (Heavy Pedal) and Aaron Messer (Velovit). 

Daniela Madriz took her first win as a Cat. 3, with Amber Searer (Broken Spoke) and professional accordion player Wendy Boehm (Neff) finishing second and third. 

Owen Reich (Velovit) got his first Cat. 3 win as well, outlasting Danny Feuling after the two spent much of the race together.

Feldhausen won the women’s masters, David Schuda (F3) rode away from the 35-plus masters’ field, and Arlen Spicer (Serpentijn) took the 50-plus. 

Jack Lackman (Stoic) and Lyllie Sonnemann (Revolution) won the junior 15-18, while Eva Raychel (Team Wisconsin and part of the Raychel Racing Regime dynasty) won the junior girls 9-14.

David DeFilippis (Serpentijn), who has been out of the country finishing his doctoral research, came home with a win in the 35-plus Masters’ Cat. 4 race, outsprinting Matt Becker (Gryphon Racing) in the final straight.

Doug Hahn (Broken Spoke) took the Cat. 4 50-plus race.

Matthew Harrison won the Cat. 4/ 5 single speed after getting fourth in the Cat. 4s.

Chad Cannon (Gryphon), who took third in the elite race, and Julie Phelps (Gryphon), who also raced the women’s masters’ and women’s elite race, won the elite single speed. 

Ryan Jones won the men’s novice race. 

Full results can be found at https://www.crossresults.com/race/10949.


LAPT Lion Cross

There was spicy racing with a double side of mud at Lion Cross in Waterford, WI Sunday! 2021 state champions Casey Hildebrandt and Erin Feldhausen remain King and Queen of Wisconsin Cyclocross with big wins in the Pro 1, 2 events.

Hildebrandt (Broken Spoke) and Brian Matter (Linear Sport) stayed together most of the race until the end of the final lap when Hildebrandt opened a gap and sprinted for the win. Isaac Neff (Neff Cycle Service) finished third.

Feldhausen (Trek Midwest), who also won the Masters’ 35-plus women’s race, took the lead in the first lap over Amber Markey and Caitlin Neuman (Brazen Dropouts) and never relinquished her advantage. 

Lyllie Sonneman (Revolution) took another Cat. 3 win while waiting for her Cat. 2 upgrade. Costa Rican rider Daniella Madriz and Sarah Kelnhofer (Colavita Wisconsin) took second and third. 

Emily Jo Raychel (Team Wisconsin) took the single-speed win in the Cat. 4 women’s division. Emily Jo is Emily Raychel’s sister-in-law (Emily was second in the single speed) and therefore part of the Raychel Racing Regime. Ryan Bimson won the Cat. 4 single speed men’s race. 

David Schuda (F3) came up to Wisconsin from Illinois and simply rode away from everyone in the 35-plus field. His teammate Jerrod Kerkhof also got the win in the 50-plus. 

Michael Sublette (Cat. 4), William Feyereisen (Masters Cat. 4), and Jenna Motz (women’s Cat. 4) all dominated in their first career cross victories and are not likely to be 4s for long!

Feyereisen, who recently moved to Wisconsin from Minnesota, finished second in the 4s. 

Motz led an all-Femme40 squad podium for the Cat. 4 women!

Hildebrandt got a double win by taking the elite single speed title, while Iowa teammates Chase Cubbage and Griffin Caskey took first and third in the Cat. 3s. 

Brian Hansen led the day off with a win in the 50-plus Cat. 4/5 race. 

Joaquin Medina took both the Cat. 5 and Junior 15-18 wins, and will certainly not be a 5 for long! Lyllie Sonneman (Revolution) took the junior 15-18 girls’ win. 

Brooklyn Becker (Kenosha Velosport) outlasted her sister and teammate Sloan and Laura Brookhyser to win the Girls 9-14 Junior race. 

The Simple Endurance Coaching Gritty Rides of the Day go to Amber Markey, who took seven years off from cross racing and surprised herself to take second in the women elite race. And Bill Finn put out so much power he snapped off the rear derailleur hanger from a steel bike, yet still run the bike over the finish line.

Complete results of the racing are here: https://buff.ly/3qye3PW