Training Process Before Results Can Bring More to Life

Deprey: the Process of Training is the Whole Point

When we focus solely on getting results in our endurance sports, we create unsustainable expectations for ourselves.

But when we focus on the training process before results instead of training just for results, the habits we develop can bring us a happier and more fulfilled life.

For Derek Deprey, author, speaker, and director of people at the Wisconsin Athletic Club, the process of training is the whole point.

“That’s what most people overlook,” he says. “People just want the outcome. The process is the real thing. It’s the actual tires to the road. It’s what you have to do to get to anything.”

Deprey, author of Shift: Move From Frustrated to Fulfilled, feels strongly that any goal in any part of your life depends on the training process because the proper execution of your plan creates the good habits in your life.

In favor of the training process before results he comments, “All of your habits point you in the direction of success, those habits are the behaviors you do every day to get closer to your goal. Everybody gets motivated every day, everybody can read their motivational quotes. But all that matters is execution. It?s the same in endurance training, writing a book, starting a podcast, any goal.”

10 Behaviors That Bring Us Toward Our Goals

In Shift, Deprey outlines the 10 behaviors that bring us toward our goal, and all of them are part of the process of the journey.

1. Make the decision: What do you want to do? What are you going to do?  

2. Set a deadline.  

3. Commit and budget time every day to do the work.  

4. Keep yourself focused by internally asking if this goal is the most important thing — is this the *right* thing for me? Am I considering the training process before results?

5. Create a calendar of what needs to happen and when. 

6. Say no to garbage by being relentlessly focused on your goal. 

7. Start learning now what you need to learn to move forward. 

8. Try new things because if you’re changing your life, doing the same old is going to get you the same results. 

9. Find a mentor. 

10. Recharge your battery.  Make sure you take some time off to relax and come back to the pursuit stronger.

This tried and true process has worked with hundreds of things in Derek’s life, including writing his book in regards of training process before results .

He shares, “After I wrote the book, I got keynote speeches, got on stage, got noticed. But then it was like, okay great, now what?  I always have to go back to my vision. It’s truly helping people move from frustrated to fulfilled. That is what I enjoy. The outcome is short term, temporary. It all goes back to enjoying the journey.”

Training Process Before Results Brings More Joy to Life

At Simple Endurance Coaching, we are all about the process.

Focusing on the training process before results can bring more to life.

Sure, we set goals that help you get results.

We love seeing our clients on podiums!

But we also love clients simply cross a finish line with a big grin.

Even more, we love when clients learn how to change their daily habits to make themselves stronger, healthier, and happier.

Call me, text me, send smoke signals. Let’s talk about your goals, your process, and see how we can work together.