Ride 200 Miles in One Day? Get Ready for RAW!

When cyclists start telling stories, it nearly always involves epic rides of a great distance. 

And while riders in other states take a week to cross their state, cyclists in Wisconsin have the opportunity to ride 200 miles in just one day with the Ride Across Wisconsin

But you aren’t going to ride that kind of distance with hopes and wishes.

Simple Endurance Coaching not only offers coaching to reach this goal, but we also have less-expensive training plans you can follow on your own.

And the training plans feature our usual blend of long rides, intervals, strength training, and yoga to help you stay balanced and strong.

A Little Different This Year

This year’s ride will be on the last weekend of July from La Crosse to Green Bay. 

You can do the ride over four days, but you can also do the 225-mile ride in one. 

With COVID restrictions, there will not be a mass start in La Crosse. The route is marked, and there will be emergency support, but the ride is mostly self-supported. 

Doing a ride of 200 miles or more is not for the faint of heart! But what a challenge and accomplishment! Try the Simple Endurance plan for RAW!

Photo by Christopher Beck on Unsplash

Training to Ride 200 Miles

Most training plans for riding a really long day involve lots of miles in the saddle. 

It’s tough to find that many hours to do lots of long rides. 

Plus long rides need strength and mobility as well as endurance. 

The Simple Endurance Coaching plan combines one long ride a week, one moderate ride with some interval work, plus yoga and strength training. 

A Simple Plan to ride 200 miles

Obviously, the long ride has several purposes: One, build physical capacity to ride 200 miles. Two, get used to long rides. And three, dial in fueling, nutrition, and gear to help make the ride comfortable. 

It’s not always reasonable or possible for people with jobs to ride more than 200 miles a week. 

The goal in training for a long day on the bike is simple to be as prepared as possible. You’re going to be tired and sore after a 10 to 15 hour day!

The Not-Long Workouts

The weekly long ride will be on a weekend or day off. 

During the week, you’ll get in at least one moderately long ride with some longer interval work. The intervals help build additional endurance capacity without the time of the weekend long ride. 

We also add yoga for both recovery and strength to build mobility and core strength to manage the long day. 

And finally, we do at least two days a week of strength training, mostly for core, hips, and shoulders. 

The strength training and yoga work both to strengthen your on-the-bike work and to recover from those efforts. 

Following the Plan

Doing a ride of 200 miles or more is not for the faint of heart!

It’s going to be a long day.

But what a day! What a challenge and accomplishment!

Let’s talk. Fill out the form, and we can talk about your questions.

Training plans are a map to reach your goal.

Coaching is like stopping at the gas station and knowing there’s someone always there to give you directions.

Talk with you soon!