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Since Strong is the New Beautiful, Grab a Bigger Kettlebell

Women Need Heavy Strength Training to Counter Loss of Lean Muscle Mass How do women get stronger? Women need heavy strength training. In Dr. Stacy Sims’ book Roar, she says “strong is not only sexy, it’s essential.”  I see more women at the gym to lift heavy weights.  For good reason.  Women need heavy strength…

Running During the Pandemic Can Bring Fundamental Changes

My neighbor has been out running nearly every day. My wife has been getting out at least every other day, sometimes more. One of the “bright spots” of the Coronavirus pandemic is seeing more runners and cyclists out on the trails and roads. Running and riding are obviously not new. What’s different now is the…

Joy the Downward Dog Has Fitness Goals. Do You?

Try a Free Yoga Class for Cyclists and Runners When You Sign Up