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New Research is Absolutely Clear: Lift More Less

Effective Strength Training for Cyclists, Runners Means Fewer Reps, Heavier Weights The science is absolutely clear: Strength training for cyclists and strength training for runners works and is critical for improved performance. And the recent research suggests we should be lifting heavier weights with fewer reps. And as an older athlete, I’m doing less volume…

Since Strong is the New Beautiful, Grab a Bigger Kettlebell

Women Need Heavy Strength Training to Counter Loss of Lean Muscle Mass How do women get stronger? Women need heavy strength training. In Dr. Stacy Sims’ book Roar, she says “strong is not only sexy, it’s essential.”  I see more women at the gym to lift heavy weights.  For good reason.  Women need heavy strength…

Joy the Downward Dog Has Fitness Goals. Do You?

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