Coaching Plans for Cyclists and Runners

In the Full-Custom plan, you get a fully-personalized and comprehensive program of endurance training, functional strength training, movement through yoga, mental toughness training, and nutritional advice. You also get a pro version of Training Peaks.

With the Semi-Custom program, you get a monthly plan with endurance training, strength training, and yoga. I include videos for yoga instruction with Virtual Coffees and monthly communication.

With Custom and Pre-Made Training Plans, you either purchase a pre-made plan from me on Training Peaks, or I create a plan specifically for you and you use it!

Virtual Coffee

Courses for Cyclists and Runners

Sometimes you want to work at your own pace. 

You can get a six-week Bodyweight Strength Training course to help you get stronger and more mobile for cycling or running. 

You can also do a six-week Yoga Strength for Cyclists and Runners course that improves your strength, mobility, and breath control. 

Finally, you can get a monthly subscription to a large online library of yoga classes that include 30-minute yoga strength, 10 to 15-minute yoga for recovery, and 15-minute yoga strength classes. 

Yoga for Cyclists and Runners of All Abilities and Experience

You can build strength, mobility, and improve breath control in weekly yoga classes. 

You can join us Tuesdays at 6 am; Thursdays at 6 pm. You pay either by the class or save money by paying for a month of classes.

You can also subscribe to the online library and take the online course. 

Yoga for cyclists and runners improves your performance through better movement and mobility as well as better breathing practice.
online yoga Strength course optimized

Strength Training for Cyclists and Runners

Strength training is so important for you as a cyclist or runner. Strength training improves your durability, performance, speed, and power. 

You have several options for strength training with me. If you live in the Milwaukee area, you can set up appointments at my Muskego studio. You can purchase the Bodyweight or Yoga Strength courses. Or you can set up a Virtual Coffee, and I can create a custom strength training program for you. Prices for the custom program start at $37/month. 

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Personal Training Packages

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