Get Your Bib With Toughest Mudder Plan in Six Months

Using this Toughest Mudder plan will help you get strong, fit, and build your aerobic system to handle a really long day of running!


Use this Toughest Mudder plan to get your big!

The Toughest Mudder is no joke. It’s an ultra-distance running event with a few hundred obstacles thrown in for fun. To be ready to earn a brown bib (50 miles), silver bib (75 miles), orange bib(100), or platinum bib (125 miles), you not only have to be fit for running an ultra, but strong enough to manage all the obstacles.

Our Toughest Mudder Plan will set you up to successfully earn a coveted bib. We assume a little bit of running experience (our first week has five-mile runs) and some experience in the gym.

If you have questions about the Toughest Mudder Plan, please contact me at paulw@SimpleEnduranceCoaching.com. If you want a custom or semi-custom program, click here.

The Toughest Mudder Plan is made up of at least one long run and one moderate run back to back. The idea is to build fitness and fatigue without having to do really long runs that might end up causing injury. However, if you’re going for 100 or 125 miles, you might want to adjust the mileage for the long run.

All of the runs, if possible, should be done on trails or a grassy course (like soccer fields) not only to cushion your footfall but to mimic the surface of the race.

The long runs should also be your time to practice your nutrition and fueling as well as training your gut. Your goal is to ingest 60 to 90g of carbohydrates per hour. Since every individual body is different, you’ll have to experiment with what works for you.

We also have three days a week of strength training. The sessions start with building overall strength and progress to building explosive strength to prepare your muscles and joints for the stress of a really long day. We do a lot of pullups and pushups and practice a lot of grip strength.

This plan has two elements that are a little unconventional, but they will help prepare your body to endure not only the running and obstacles but improve your speed.

The first is the interval session. You can do the intervals running, rowing, biking to build your aerobic system.

The second is the HIIT circuit, which includes 20/10 or 30/15 workouts with functional movements that mimic what you’ll be doing with the obstacles.

The last few weeks of the program focus directly on your event. We eliminate the interval sessions and focus directly on doing running with stops for obstacle-like exercises.

Training for the Toughest Mudder is a big step. It’s the kind of event you can’t replicate in your training. You simply have to prepare your body as best you can to sustain a day-long workload. Using this kind of program will help you get strong, fit, and build your aerobic system to handle a really long day of running!

Good luck! Please let me know if you have questions, want to provide feedback, or want to talk more about how to implement the training.


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