Build Into Your First Race in Six Weeks With This Cyclocross Training Plan

A six-week cyclocross training plan with cross practice, endurance, strength, and yoga.



This is a six-week cyclocross training plan that will lead you up to your first race.
This is not a plan to peak for that first race. Instead, you will build up a good deal of training stress and back off a bit before the season’s first race.
Plug this cyclocross training plan in six weeks before your first race, and be ready to go for the season.
I’m going to assume in this program that you have already been doing endurance rides this year and have a decent base of fitness.
Week One: One day of easy running, two days of endurance riding, two strength days (choose either the bodyweight or gym strength session), one interval day done on the trainer, and one cross practice day with more interval work. There are also two yoga recovery days and one yoga strength day.
Week Two: add in some strides in the running, plus some different cross skills work.
Week Three: We’ll change up the intervals session, which can be done on grass or on the road, plus we’ll add in a bike strength workout with short steep hills.
Week Four: We’ll add in some speed work to the running.
Week Five: We’ll do some hill repeats with running, do a really hard interval session, with an extra recovery day.
Week Six: We’ll do a little taper to be ready for the first race of the season.


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