Ride 200 Miles in One Day with Yoga, Strength Training, and Targeted Cycling Workouts

Ride 200 miles with this training plan that includes long rides, intervals, yoga, and strength work.


To ride 200 miles in one day is an amazing accomplishment and one you should be proud of!

You’ll need several months of preparation, though, to be ready to ride 200 miles without feeling totally crushed at the end.

This cycling training plan is a little different than most.

First, we use yoga for both strength and recovery.

Second, we do strength training twice a week, either with bodyweight or gym work.

Third, we do two days of intervals, one set of short intervals, one day of moderate intervals. One or both of these days can be part of a longer ride.

Finally, we do at least one long ride a week, gradually building close to the target event distance. Depending on time constraints, we will add at least one other moderate ride into the schedule.

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