The Giant Library of Online Yoga for Cyclists and Runners Classes

$13.00 / month with a 3-day free trial

This is a large library of online yoga for cyclists and runners classes designed specifically to build strength and mobility.

The monthly subscription includes roughly 30-minute Yoga Strength classes for runners and cyclists, less-than-15-minute Yoga Recovery classes, and 15-minute Yoga Strength courses.

The Online Library of Yoga for Cyclists and Runners classes includes nearly 100 different options, including 30-minute and 15-minute long Yoga Strength classes and 15-minute Yoga Recovery classes.

If you’re looking to build core strength, mobility, and durability in a short yoga class that doesn’t require turning yourself into a pretzel, join us for Yoga for Cyclists and Runners - and Normal People too. These yoga classes will help you get stronger, more mobile, and breathe better with an instructor who doesn’t take himself very seriously!

Practicing this kind of yoga will help you prevent injuries, improve your breathing capacity, and improve your running and cycling performance. Plus we laugh and sometimes get to meet my cute little beastie, Joy the Downward Dog!

The online classes from which the library comes happens at 6 am Tuesdays and 6 pm Thursdays.


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