Half Marathon Plan for Beginners with Yoga, Strength Training

Use this half marathon plan for beginners that includes yoga and strength training to finish comfortably and strongly in your first half!


Use this half marathon plan for beginners that includes yoga and strength training to finish comfortably and strongly in your first half!

This half marathon plan starts beginning runners with several weeks of run/walks, building to continuous runs before you know it!

The half marathon plan lasts 18 weeks, although you can adapt it as you wish for your current needs. For example, if you’ve been running a little, you may not need to walk as much in the beginning. If you make changes, build your volume up very slowly!

The plan intensities are based on heart rate maximum. I added a test at the beginning of the harder runs to get a sense of your heart rate levels. However, you can also use the Talk Test for your daily workouts and start to monitor your heart rate based on that.
Endurance pace: You can have a conversation about everything except religion and politics. You can talk in complete sentences. This will feel slow in the beginning, but will improve as you build fitness.
Tempo pace: You can still have a conversation, but now your sentences will be much shorter and require more breathing. You’re essentially kicking up your pace one more gear higher than endurance.
Fast run pace: Kick up the pace another gear. You can talk in short phrases and single words, but not full sentences. You’re not quite breathing hard all the time (out of breath feeling), but you’re motoring. The key to this pace is to start slower than you expect, so your pace remains consistent throughout all the intervals.
Stride: As fast as you can go for the short period. There isn’t really a set length for Strides. Just go!

I’ve included several different yoga practice sessions in the program. All are 30 minutes or less. In the first half of the program, there are a series of strength sessions per week. While you get closer to your target event, the number of strength sessions decreases, while the number of recovery sessions increase. You can do as many recovery sessions as you’d like each week.

I’m including strength programs based on gym availability. I have a series of bodyweight or at-home strength videos. If you’d like those, email me at paulw@SimpleEnduranceCoaching.com, and I’ll send the links for free. Like the yoga, we’ll do two sessions a week in the beginning and drop it down to one as your goal gets closer. I advocate for lifting heavy weight during your sessions, and if you’re new to strength training, make sure your form is correct before you lift heavy. If you’d like some online feedback about your form, especially with deadlifts, I’m happy to provide a free observation via a Virtual Coffee. Visit www.SimpleEnduranceCoaching.com to set up a Virtual Coffee.

If you need some guidance with this half marathon plan, we can set up a monthly semi-custom coaching plan or some consultations. Again, visit the website to set up a Virtual Coffee to talk or if you have questions!

Even if you have no questions, please let me know how your event goes! I’d love to hear about what went well and what was a challenge in your training! Plus I’d love feedback in making this plan better.

Thank you!
Paul Warloski, head coach and owner
Simple Endurance Coaching


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