Full-Custom Coaching Plan

$195.00 / month

A full-custom coaching plan for cyclists and runners that includes endurance training, strength training, and yoga strength and mobility work with frequent communication.


Take all the worry and concern about your training as a cyclist or runner, and reach your adventure goals through a Full-Custom Coaching Plan from Simple Endurance Coaching. 

I’ll help you reach your goals through regular communication, use of data to structure and adjust training, and an individualized daily plan.

All my plans provide structured, consistent workouts that will always include endurance rides, intervals, strength training, and yoga. 

The Full-Custom Coaching Plan will target your adventure, racing, or season-long goals. 

The Full-Custom Coaching Plan includes

  • Critical Power, Critical Pace, and/or Heart Rate testing
  • Free Pro plan for Training Peaks.
  • Yoga and strength training videos. 
  • An individualized daily training program with specific workouts for each week that adjusts based on progress, time of year, goals, and other commitments. 
  • Frequent communication via Training Peaks, text, in-person, video, and/or email.
  • We talk with a 45-minute Virtual Coffee as we start working together.
  • Additional Virtual Coffees can be once a month or more as needed.

I ask for a three-month commitment for your training plan so we can how to best individualize your plan.

Achieve Your Bucket List Goals with Simple Endurance Coaching

I help a limited number of cyclists and runners achieve their goals with more strength, endurance, and mobility. 

Sign up on the website to get a free copy of my e-book, 6+1=The Way to Better Health, Fitness, and Your Best Season Ever” to help you get stronger to improve your cycling and running performance. 

You can also opt in to receive my weekly blog posts about what works in endurance sports. 

Contact me or sign up for Virtual Coffee so we can discuss your goals, ask questions, and talk about making your endurance training more effective, fun, and Simple.

Paul Warloski is a: 

  • USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
  • RRCA Running Coach
  • Training Peaks Level 2 Coach
  • RYT-200 Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer


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