Social Distance Exercises for Indoor and Outdoor

I am trying to keep fit by running and cycling as well as continue to strength train.

Plus, I want to help my clients at the WAC continue their progress while the world turns upside down.

Keeping fit and continuing to work out is a challenge with social distancing since most gyms are closed.

I offer some mostly cheesy videos for social distance exercises to give you some ideas on how to use what you have to continue to strength train and stay healthy.

I focus primarily on the six plus one movements for fitness: chest pull and push, shoulder pull and push, hip hinge, and squat, plus core.

Getting Outside for Social Distance Exercises

Outside is always free – unless, of course, we are ordered to stay indoors.

So go for a walk, a run, a bike ride.

So go throw a ball around at the park. Play frisbee golf. Do anything outside to stay active.

My wife and teenage daughter agreed to help me come up with social distance exercises.

We went to a playground and made up a bunch of workouts that mostly target the six main movements.

I understand that playgrounds might not be an option for everyone at this moment.

If you can go to one, wear gloves of some kind.

Here’s the link to the instructions for the playground workout.


Here is the second round of outdoor playground social distance exercises.

Here’s a link to the instructions for what we did.


Inside Workouts

If it’s raining outside, you’re self-quarantining, or you’ve been restricted to stay inside, you’ll have to get creative if you don’t have any weights.

Here’s the first round of body-weight workouts, focusing primarily on upper body, core, and lower body, and not as much specifically the six movements.

Here’s a link for the directions.


I’ll keep adding to the blog with the new workouts.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay active.