3 Ways to Get Individualized Strength Training for Everyday Athletes From Simple Endurance

Simple Endurance Coaching offers three ways to get individualized strength training for cyclists and runners

I Offer Three Ways to Get Individualized Strength Training

  1. Training at my studio in Muskego
  2. Individualized strength training programs for you.
  3. Strength training courses.

Strength training for everyday athletes has traditionally been almost an after-thought. 

For decades, endurance athletes like runners, cyclists, and cross-country skiers may have spent a month or two in the gym during the off-season.

And maybe we did some core work.

But we left a lot of speed, strength, and mobility on the gym floor.

However, the research now clearly shows that year-round strength training for everyday athletes, especially for older adults, makes them stronger and faster.

At Simple Endurance Coaching, I offer three different ways you can get individualized strength training to help your overall health and fitness – and improve your performance.

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The research is clear

The research on strength training for everyday athletes is clear: Lifting heavy weights all year improves performance a lot.

In just one research study, athletes saw improvements in the energy cost of locomotion, maximal power, and maximal strength.

Specifically, high-weight, low-repetition sets were found to provide endurance athletes the best bang for their buck.

The research suggests that heavy lifting directly correlates to endurance performance markers such as time-to-exhaustion, and time trial times because of increasing muscle economy and threshold.

Lifting heavy weights acts as an insurance policy for your body by strengthening tendons, ligaments, collagen, and bone density.

Individualized strength training goes a long way to developing overall fitness.

Individualized strength training at Simple Endurance Coaching

Traditional strength training for everyday athletes can be boring.

I want to have fun with training programs that work to develop strength, mobility, stability, and confidence in your daily activities.

If you live in the Milwaukee area, you can visit my studio in Muskego for your workouts.

We create individualized strength training for everyday athletes programs.

First, we help your core and hips get stronger to support your body’s movement.

Second, we focus on mobility in and through your joints, mainly your knees, hips, and shoulders.

Third, we focus on weaknesses. For cyclists and runners, for example, that’s almost always building core and glute and hip strength as well as balance.

At the studio, we use primarily kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension straps, bands, and bodyweight.

For example, we do a lot of unilateral work, like Bulgarian split squats.

Individualized strength training programs

As a personal trainer, I create individualized strength training for everyday athletes programs and routines. 

I create the program based on your experience, racing season, and goals. 

All of my programs are based on the six main movements of our bodies. 

So if a runner is in the middle of a race season, we might prescribe mostly upper body work with some yoga mobility for the hips. 

Or if a cyclist is in the preseason, we might prescribe a lot of heavy deadlift kind of work, in addition to other main movements. 

I create monthly individualized strength training programs for you based on your experience, goals, and time of competitive season. 

During the month, we talk, adapt, change, and watch your progress. 

At-Home Strength Training for Everyday Athletes Course

I also offer a six-week at-home bodyweight strength training class that focuses on hip strength, core strength, and mobility.

Each week, you get a roughly 45-minute class that starts with squats and glute work, then includes a variety of push-ups and core strengtheners. 

Plus we do a lot of mobility work that helps endurance athletes improve their performance.

The workouts become increasingly challenging throughout the course, and I provide plenty of modifications to accommodate people of all ages.

Strength training for everyday athletes at home can still improve your performance.

Want to know more about what you can achieve with strength training? 

My purpose with Simple Endurance Coaching is to help everyday endurance athletes achieve their goals with more strength, endurance, and mobility. 

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