Foundation Personal Training and Yoga

A New Studio Space for Personal Training and Yoga for Functional Movement and Stability

On March 1, 2021, Foundation Personal Training and Yoga will open for individualized personal training and yoga classes at a studio in Hales Corners.

I’ll offer personal strength training and yoga classes for all levels, abilities, and ages.

The space at 5438 S 108th St, Hales Corners, WI 53130 is safe, well-ventilated, and I wear a mask at all times.

We want all of our clients, old and young, experienced or beginner, to have a solid foundation of stability and mobility through functional training.

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Functional Movement

Functional movement is simple the ability to get around daily tasks.

Your joints and core need particular attention to gain strength and increased movement for healthy living.

For example, functional movement is being able to walk up stairs, lift groceries or a child, go for walks, reach for the top shelf in the closet.

Those are baseline movements to be able to move through daily life.

Our personal training strength and movement program works to develop hip, core, and shoulder strength to be able to do daily tasks comfortably and easily.

Foundation Personal Training Focuses on Mobility and Strength

Foundation offers individualized personal training and yoga designed for endurance athletes and those who are getting started on their fitness journey

We focus on building functional strength through push and pull exercises, squats, and hip hinges. 

Most of the exercises use “unstable” loads to force your muscles to adapt more fully and your core to engage. 

For example, we might use a single dumbbell to do chest presses to build the usual tension in our chest muscles, but the single dumbbell also forces our core to keep our torso stable. 

We use dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, suspension straps like TRX, and sometimes barbells. 

Our focus is on lifting heavy things to build maximum strength.

The cost for an hour of personal training is $60. Training is by appointment only.

Sign up here for a free 30-minute consultation either in-person or at the studio.

Yoga Classes at Foundation

Foundation offers individualized personal training and yoga designed for endurance athletes and those who are getting started on their fitness journey

We will offer several classes at Foundation designed specifically to help mobility, joint strength, and core stability.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged. I offer modifications to all poses to make sure everyone can get in a pose that works.

The suggested price is $15 per class.

However, in this pandemic time, many of us deal with some financial challenges.

So you can pay what you can for the classes.

However, if you can’t afford anything and still want to do some yoga, sign up anyway.

And pay for someone else’s class when you’re flush again.

Safe, Ventilated Space

Our personal training and yoga studio will be by appointment only in a safe, well-ventilated space.

If you have been nervous about returning to large gyms, this is a good space to restart your workouts.

Strength and Personal Training for Endurance Athletes

We also work with endurance athletes, both with personal training for strength and stability and with yoga for mobility.

As an endurance athlete for many years, I fully understand the challenges of building strength for increased performance as well as injury prevention.

Milwaukee-area clients who are Simple Endurance Coaching clients will get one free 30-minute session a week plus a discount on yoga classes.

Foundation is located at 5438 S 108th St, Hales Corners, WI 53130.

Start Your New Foundation with Foundation Personal Training and Yoga

Personal training in a safe, clean environment plus individualized planning to help you meet your goals.

We’ll work hard to build a Foundation: for the rest of your life.

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