Five Things You’ll Want to Know About Endurance Training (Vol. 1.1)

Five Things You’ll Want to Know About Endurance Training

  1. More women on bikes. This video shows the promise of getting more women on bicycles to commute and enjoy the ride. Check it out here
  2. Eccentric strength training. One way to break down your muscles to strengthen them is eccentric movement. These are great for time-crunched cyclists and runners. Check it out here
  3. Ride with the kids. A pro cyclist lets his daughter decide where they’re going to ride. What an amazing way to keep your family involved in your training. Check out the rides here
  4. How a top pro prepares for marathons. Paula Radcliffe is one of the best runners in history. But she keeps her training simple. Check out her training here.
  5. Supplementary exercises keep you healthy. As a coach, I argue for strength training and yoga to keep cyclists and runners durable. Read what Runners Tribe says about this

Every Monday, I post five links to content I’ve been reading and thinking about. 

The links discuss topics like endurance training, strength, yoga, nutrition, mental health, inspirational stories, or just cool running or cycling things.  

These stories might not be new, but they are new to me, and I want to share the material with you! 

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