De-stress Yoga Routine You Can Do Anytime

This is an easy destress yoga routine you can do anywhere and anytime to relieve stress.

Not only do you really focus on your breathing, but you move and stretch your spine to help you feel looser. 

DeStress Yoga Flow

  1. Start in a Standing at Attention Pose – feet firmly planted on the ground, toes apart, shoulder blades down, chest open, palms at your side facing forward. Focus on nose breathing: inhale so you feel the coolness on your vocal cords, exhale audibly so you could fog up a mirror. 
  2. Rag Doll – Tuck your chin into your chest and roll down. Bend your knees, hold your elbows in opposite hands, extend your torso and let gravity pull you down. Move like an elephant trunk to get loose!  Refocus on your breathing.
  3. Step your right leg back and drop your right knee to the ground for better destress yoga. Put your right hand on the ground next to your left foot. Raise your left hand up to the sky. With each inhale, try to lengthen your spine, and with each exhale, try to deepen your stretch. Move through several breath cycles, then switch. Refocus on your breathing.
  4. Come to Tabletop or hands and knees. Refocus on your breathing.
  5. Cat and Cow. Inhale, drop your belly, stick out your butt, and lift up your head in Cow. Exhale, drop your end, tuck your tailbone under, and push your spine into an arch in Cat. Repeat on your breath. Refocus on your breathing.
  6. Sink down into Child’s Pose (effective destress yoga). Knees wide, toes together. Stretch your arms forward, sink your head between your shoulders with your forehead on the ground if possible. Move shoulders and hips side to side if that’s comfortable. Refocus on your breathing.
  7. Bring your knees together and extend your arms back to your sides on the ground, palms up. Refocus on your breathing.
  8. Bring your arms forward again, keep your elbows on the ground, and extend your hands over your head, palms together. Refocus on your breathing.
  9. Come to a seated position for seated Forward Fold. Extend your legs, keep your knees bent, and try to drop your torso between your knees. With each inhale, try to lengthen your spine, and with each exhale, try to deepen your stretch. Refocus on your breathing (an essential part of destress yoga).
  10. Seated Cat and Cow. Inhale and push open chest, extend chin high. Exhale, push spine back, drop head. Repeat on the breath. Refocus on your breathing.
  11. Seated breathing. In a seated position, focus on breathing in through your nose, out through your nose. 

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