Bodyweight Strength Training Course for Cyclists and Runners

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About Course

You can build the strength and mobility you need to improve your health and performance with just bodyweight strength training. 

As runners and cyclists, we need consistent strength training throughout the year to build a solid base of fitness and performance. 

A strong and mobile body can mean better general health, fewer injuries, increased joint mobility, and improved performance. 

Welcome to the Bodyweight Strength Training Course for Cyclists and Runners!

Six-Week Bodyweight Strength Training Program 

This course is a six-week video course that demonstrates a full-body, functional strength program that stresses your entire body along with mobility. 

Each week, you’ll get a new set of bodyweight exercises, along with a video to show you how to do them with modifications. The exercises focus primarily on hip and core strength, but we also include pushups and downward dogs to build arm strength.

The exercises get a little more challenging each week, and you can always do one session for more than one week to work on your form and ability.

Bodyweight Strength Training Plus Virtual Coffee

As part of the course, you can sign up for two Virtual Coffee sessions in order to ask questions, make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly, or ask about how to mix and match exercises. 

The course offers explanations, videos, as well as describes the reasons for doing the work and how to be more effective in building strength. 

I created the course specifically to help cyclists and runners improve their strength, increase mobility, reduce injury, and improve performance.

These are not professionally produced or edited videos with pretty music, etc! This is slightly awkward me in my garage studio sharing how to do these exercises so you can get stronger and healthier.

Bodyweight Strength Training Guidelines

  • Do each exercise until you build enough fatigue so that you can do just one or two more repetitions. Then stop and move on to the next exercise. 
  • Do each exercise slowly and vary holds. For example, with the squat, hold some repetitions at the bottom; go down for five seconds, up for three, then do down for three and up for five. 
  • Go slowly enough so that you do no more than around 12 repetitions. 
  • You can also get into an exercise like a Sumo Squat or Superman and hold until you can do no more. Then do a few more repetitions. 
  • Inhale with the set-up, exhale with the work. Inhale as you come down for a squat, exhale as you come up. 
  • This is a strength-building workout, not a cardiovascular workout. If you find yourself getting out of breath, rest a few moments more. 
  • Rest as little as possible in between exercises to maintain as constant a tension on your muscles as possible. 
  • Use kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, or other weights to add challenge to any of these exercises. Ask me about adding weight! 
  • I show you one set. You can obviously do a second or third set of all or some of the exercises.

Timing of Bodyweight Strength Training

Like all strength training, you will need to figure out how to schedule working out with your running or cycling training.

In the off-season, or pre-season, I generally recommend doing three days a week of strength training. During your race season, drop down to twice a week, and stop strength training altogether a week out from your key events.

I also recommend strength training the same day as interval training so your hard days are hard! For example, do your intervals in the morning and strength training in the evening.

Week 1 of Bodyweight Strength Training Course

  • Squat warmup
  • Sumo Squat 
  • Pushups
  • Cobra to Down Dog
  • Bear Crawl Forward/ Side
  • Floor YTW – Hold several seconds in Y, then T, then W by squeezing. 
  • Superman 
  • Elbow Plank to Side Plank
  • Hollow Body Hold
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What Will You Learn?

  • This is a six-week video course that demonstrates a full-body, functional strength program.
  • We do bodyweight and mobility exercises that focus primarily on your hips and core.

Course Content

Week 1
We get started with some basic moves, like squats, pushups, and planks.

  • Week 1

Week 2
Week 2 Squat warmup Split Squats - move slowly as possible. Bring back knee to the ground. Front to Back Lunges - move slowly as possible. Bring back knee to the ground. Alternating Pushups - drop shoulder to the ground. Beast Alternating Arms/Legs Bench/ Ball/ Floor YTW Superhero Side Elbow Plank Isometric Row on Floor Hollow Body Hold

Week 3
We continue to add difficulty into the movements.

Week 4
We do some more single-leg work, and this week, we add more work around the Beast pose to do some Animal Flow.

Week 5
We continue the mobility and strength work, this week adding Shinboxes for increased hip mobility.

Week 6
We add Turkish Getups to the mix to build overall strength and mobility.

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