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Coaching Blog Posts

5 Tips For Riding Uphill Faster for Beginners

Find the right cadence that is comfortable Push the pedals with your hips. Belly breath Relax your upper body Mix mostly seated riding with some standing Riding uphill faster is all about finding a comfortable cadence in a...

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4 Ways Yoga for Runners Can Improve Your Performance

Yoga strength improves your ability to control your stride as well as improve the strength of the foot push-off.  Yoga mobility improves your running form in order to maximize your performance. Yoga for balance helps improve your stability on one leg, especially on...

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Do These 2 Things to Become a More Durable Endurance Athlete

Strength training builds strength throughout your body instead of just the muscles we use as runners and cyclists.  Yoga builds strength, mobility, and improves movement patterns.  Yoga and strength training are complementary to your primary sport and don’t take much...

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