Simple Endurance Coaching

Simple Endurance Coaching

Our simple endurance sport coaching process includes sport training, strength training, and yoga to value the process before results.

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Online Yoga Courses

Online Yoga Courses

Yoga to build mobility helps you feel stronger and able to focus on your breathing while moving through increasingly challenging poses.

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Foundation Personal Training and Yoga

Foundation Personal Training and Yoga

One-on-one personal training and yoga classes in a safe, small studio in Hales Corners. We helpi clients through functional movement training. Opening March 1, 2021

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Our running and cycling coaching vision focuses on the process of endurance sports training to make a better you

It’s easy to find online running and cycling coaching and strength training plans, yoga classes, and workout videos. 

So why choose Simple Endurance Coaching for cycling and running coaching or online yoga?

We offer something different: We believe in the process of training before results

‘We create a program that includes an individualized combination of endurance and interval training, strength training, yoga, and mobility work that fits with your time constraints and lifestyle. And the focus is always challenging fun.

Simple Endurance Coaching

We focus on helping you become a better you, a stronger person in all ways by finding your challenges and meeting them.

Together, we create programs for endurance sports by focusing on process, working together to reach challenge goals, and using training to bring a greater meaning for life.

Your life’s best results – not measured in podiums – will come from a plan that includes individualized endurance sports training, strength training, and yoga.

The funny thing, though, is that if you focus on the process, the results will come.

Is This the Right Place to Be?

  • Are you a beginning or experienced cyclist, runner, or do other endurance sports?
  • Do you want to be stronger, go faster, and/or just finish an endurance event?
  • Do you sometimes feel un-athletic, awkward, unbalanced, or maybe even untalented?

I understand that you are a “normal” adult with a life, career, maybe a family, with time constraints, maybe some aches, and movement challenges.

Simple Endurance Coaching offers training for people who want to become a stronger person in all ways by finding and meeting their challenges.

We focus on helping you become a better you, a stronger person in all ways by finding your challenges and meeting them.

Simple Endurance Coaching

I’ve been doing endurance sports for decades: Cycling, running, cross-country skiing, rowing.

I’ve made all the mistakes, tried all the training protocols, and read a bazillion pages of research and information about what works in training.

I am a certified cycling coach, yoga instructor, and personal trainer, and I’ll soon add road running coach to that mix.

And I’m helping you train smarter and simpler, building habits and movement in the process that helps you grow as a person.

Our mission is to help you accomplish challenges and adventure goals that you never thought possible.

I build your training plan around your goals, past experiences, and particular challenges, regardless of your past and present.

We work together to find your challenges and train to meet them.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals

It’s Simple, really.

Here’s what the science tells us:

Go fast some. Go slow lots. Lift heavy things. Rest and do yoga.

These are the key elements to getting faster and stronger.

Let’s get together! We’ll first talk about your goals and your past with endurance sports. Then we talk about how I might be able to help you!

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