Get a Full-Body Strength Workout with 6plusONE

A lack of motivation and accountability are the two main reasons people don’t stay with an exercise program.

And if you don’t know what to do when you exercise or go to the gym, your chances of sticking with a program get slim.

I created the 6plusONE workout as a simple way to know what to do at the gym or at home to get a complete full-body strength workout, whether you’re a runner, cyclist, skier, or someone who just wants to be more efficient in the gym.

Plus you get the accountability and personal relationship that you would at a gym.

6plusONE is a stand-alone program for strength training or it is an integral part of a Simple Endurance training plan.

Use the Everfit App to Get a Full-Body Workout

I program the Everfit program and app for all of the 6plusONE workouts.

This app is a simple guide with detailed instructional photos and videos.

I upload a seven-exercise workout every two weeks. Plus we schedule additional core, HIIT, and cardio workouts the number of times you want per week.

And I always focus on your specific needs, whether you want strength training, cardio, core work, or a little of everything!

At $35 a month, you get online personal training at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.

Plus, you’ll get me cheerfully reminding you to do your workouts, answering questions, and changing workouts as you need.

Six Main Movements for a Full-Body Strength Workout

So what does “Six Plus One” mean?

There are six main movements for a full-body strength workout: 

Chest Push – to develop chest and arm strength

Chest Pull – to develop back and arm strength

Shoulder Push – to develop shoulder, arm, and upper body strength

Shoulder Pull – to develop shoulder, arm, back strength

Hinge – deadlift-type movements that strengthen glutes, hamstrings, hip stabilizers, and lower back.

Squat – to develop leg, hip, and back strength. 

The plusONE is core work. And if you are an endurance athlete, we will spend additional time with lower body movement work.

And I can always add yoga and mobility into your program.

So if you do at least one exercise from each movement, you’ll get a great full-body strength workout that will build strength, fitness, and mobility.

The 6plusONE workout is a simple way to know what to do at the gym to get a complete full-body strength workout, whether you're a runner, cyclist, skier, or someone who just wants to be more efficient in the gym.
A Full-Body Workout Requires Some Instability and Laughter!

Then What Exercises Should I Do For a Full-Body Workout?

The 6plusONE program gives you an exercise for each movement that you’ll do for two weeks.

And the app provides videos on how to do seven different exercises, one from each muscle movement group, plus one core exercise, all with modifications and challenges. 

So if you’re at home, we’ll deliver a series of bodyweight exercises or work you can do with weights you find around the house.

Or if you can get to the gym, 6plusONE has six workouts with kettlebells, deadlifts, bands, and/or exercise balls.

We also have HIIT work, sprints, running/ cycling/ walking workouts, yoga, and other mobility work, depending on your needs.

You’ll do six to 10 repetitions of each exercise and one to three sets, depending on your goals.

Full-Body Workouts Need Instability

6plusONE is available to anyone around the world who is looking for a simple workout that provides a full-body strength workout with functional training. 

We use mostly kettlebells, dumbbells, and other free weights in ways to work as many muscle groups as possible in the one exercise.

The goal is to use as many “unstable” loads as possible in order to force your body to use its stabilizer muscles, stress the core, and develop functional mobility. 

For example, when we do a squat with our hips and legs, we may do it with one dumbbell in one arm, forcing you to use your core and your stabilizer muscles to keep your upper body upright.

Details About 6plusONE

For $35 a month, you’ll get a semi-custom workout routine. You can pay by the month, and for six and 12 months at a discount.

We’ll talk by email or phone to set up a program that fits your needs.

All the workouts can be adapted and changed as needed.

You can try 6plusONE for two weeks for free and see if you like it!

Got Questions?

6plusONE is an effective and personalized strength training plan that can be used by itself or used as part of a Simple Endurance training plan.

Pay for One Month: $35

Pay for Six Months: $200

Pay for One Year: $385 (one month free)

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