Foundation Yoga: Yoga for Cyclists and Runners

Yoga for Cyclists and Runners Helps Strength and Builds Balance

Fluid movement is critical for endurance sport athletes, especially cyclists and runners.

We move in one forward plane and that can leave us stiff and inflexible.

Yoga for runners and cyclists offers the perfect balance of mobility, strength, and flexibility.

We use our yoga practice to get stronger from our poses, build mobility through movement, learn better breath control, and recover better from workouts.

Foundation Yoga means that we focus on the key elements of yoga: breath control, connection to the mat through our body, and building strength through movement.

Certified Yoga Instructor

I have a 200-hour RYT yoga teaching certification from Empower Yoga in the Milwaukee-area.

During the teacher training, I focused on researching movement for endurance athletes, particularly cyclists and runners. I also did a lot of work with older people.

I call my business “Foundation Yoga” because we need to first create a foundation of breathing and of movement on the mat for our yoga practice.

That means we start with our breathing, both to calm us and learn to strengthen and control our breathing.

Then we move into the parts of our body that connects with the mat to create a solid foundation for the yoga pose. For instance, if we’re doing Warrior poses, we are going to focus on our feet being flat on the mat, our weight is balanced between front and back feet, our back knee is soft, and our hips are in the right place.

Once we have that solid foundation, we can move our upper body into the right places.

That’s how yoga for runners and cyclists helps us get stronger, be more mobile, and recover more quickly.

It’s Not How You Look in the Pose; It’s How You FEEL in the Pose

Foundation Yoga provides purposeful sequences for runners and cyclist

I’m pretty awkward.

My long limbs don’t bend easily, and I’m pretty inflexible, especially since I’ve broken a lot of bones.

So I’ll never be the 25-year-old former dancer getting into wild poses.

You don’t need to be either!

My teaching practice will always focus on how you feel in the pose.

You should feel strong and powerful, as well as challenged to continue focusing on your breath while you’re in the pose.

Online or In-Person (Some Day)

I teach yoga classes at the WAC in Greenfield, and I’ll be teaching in a studio at some point when we’re able to meet in person.


In the meantime, I lead classes online for individuals or groups.

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