Foundation Strength Training

In the time of COVID, there are countless online strength training programs, some free, some paid. 

But even with a program, people have a tough time sticking with their exercises.


For most, it’s a lack of motivation and accountability.

We use strength training to help you get stronger hips and core, build mobility and balance, and develop confidence as you reshape your body.

Strength Training to Help You Get Stronger With More Mobility

Whether you work with me as a personal training client or as a cyclist, runner, or other endurance athlete, our goals are always the same.

We work together to create a specific training plan designed to help you move better, feel stronger, and gain confidence.

First,we help your core and hips get stronger to support your body’s movement.

Second, we focus on mobility in and through your joints, mainly your knees, hips, and shoulders.

Third, we focus on weaknesses. For cyclists and runners, for example, that’s almost always building core, particularly back, and hip strength as well as balance.

At the gym, we use primarily kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension straps, bands, and bodyweight. We also often do a lot of deadlifts since that exercise is so valuable for so much!

Foundation Strength Offers Training Options

1. Online Home Training

We have an online training program through Everfit, an online app that shows detailed instructional photos and videos.

Each week, I give you seven exercises to provide a full-body workout that you do at home with whatever equipment you have available.

Plus we schedule additional core, HIIT, and cardio workouts the number of times you want per week.

What’s different is that I provide the accountability and personal relationship that you get from personal training at a gym. 

For just $35 a month, you get a weekly program that is individualized for your needs. 

Plus, you’ll get me cheerfully reminding you to do your workouts, answering questions, and changing workouts as you need.

2. Online Gym Training

People also quit exercise programs or make little progress because they just aren’t sure what to do once they get to the gym.

I provide seven exercises on Everfit that give you a full-body workout using the equipment at the gym, particularly dumbbells, suspension straps, and bands. 

I also schedule HIIT and cardio as needed.

The online gym program is still just $35 a month, with a weekly individualized plan and my cheerful reminders!

3. Foundation Strength Course

We also provide an eight-week at-home strength training class that focuses on hip strength, core strength, and mobility.

Each week, you get a roughly 45-minute class that starts with squats and glute work, then includes pushups and core strengtheners. 

The workouts become increasingly challenging throughout the course, and I provide plenty of modifications to accommodate people of all ages. 

The course is suitable for older adults, as well as anyone who wants a guided workout at home.

4. In-Person Personal Training with Foundation Strength Training

As of January 1, 2021, Foundation Strength Training will be open for business at a studio in Hales Corners.

I provide the same individualized training to meet the needs of all clients. 

We focus on building functional strength through push and pull exercises, squats, and hip hinges. 

Most of the exercises use “unstable” loads to force your muscles to adapt more fully and your core to engage. 

For example, we might use a single dumbbell to do chest presses to build the usual tension in our chest muscles, but the single dumbbell forces our core to keep our torso stable. 

We use dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, suspension straps like TRX, and sometimes barbells. 

Our focus is on lifting heavy things to build maximum strength, especially for women.

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