A Simple Endurance Training Program

We are your endurance sport coach for runners and cyclists

We offer custom programs for your endurance sport training, whether you’re a beginner aiming for a 5k or a marathoner looking to break 3:20, doing the Trek 100 for the first time or a master’s race, or doing your first Birkie or want to move up in waves.

For $190 a month, we create a comprehensive mix of a training plan, strength training, movement through yoga, mental toughness training, and nutritional advice to meet your needs.

We use Training Peaks as our platform.

We typically charge by the month since some events, like 5ks, may not need as much training time. Other events, like marathons or a season of skiing, will need more time.

Discounts are available for long-term (i.e. annual) purchases.

The program includes a one-hour initial meeting where we review goals, experience, and life demands. We can meet in-person, by phone, or through Skype/Zoom/ Google Hangout!

As a coach for runners and cyclists, I bring my experience, understanding, and knowledge to help clients focus on process before results to achieve their goals.
We have done clinics for cyclists to learn how to race cyclocross as well as improve bike handling, climbing, and cornering.

Endurance Sport Training Needs the Right Balance

As a coach for runners and cyclists, we blend the four essential elements: training long and slow, training with intervals, strength training, and rest/recovery.

Plus, training specificity is the key to improving your ability to accomplish your goals. This means we target your goal event with training that directly prepares you to do your best.

So if you are riding the Trek 100, we’ll plan for a lot of longer distance rides. If you are running a 10k, we’ll do some long runs and some shorter runs at a higher speed to build your endurance and fitness.

And planning is the key to growth, improvement, and accomplishment from your endurance sports coaching.

We always work backwards from your event, building your fitness, endurance, and speed so you feel confident and ready on the big day.

Strength training and yoga are also important elements of the training program.

Additional Services as a Coach for Runners and Cyclists

For an additional negotiated price, we will also help you with: in-person race observation; basic bike fits; bike power testing; group clinics; group instruction; group speaker; cyclocross pit support.

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