Your Post-Workout Yoga Routine is Powerful Tool For Improved Recovery

Foundation Yoga provides purposeful sequences for runners and cyclist

Yoga has so many benefits for runners and cyclists. Yoga for recovery is a great tool for creating some movement to counter tight hip flexors, shoulders, and neck. Yoga is great for building strength and mobility. We spend a lot of time moving forward in one plane. Yoga strengthens twisting and lateral muscles and movement. […]

Strength and Stretch Yoga Helps Keep You Moving

A yoga for endurance sports routine builds strength and mobility I teach a Stretch class at the Wisconsin Athletic Club twice a week. (Or I did, until the pandemic shut the gym down.) We focused not as much on static stretching – which is simply holding a stretch – but on mobility and dynamic stretching. […]

De-Stress Yoga

This is an easy de-stress yoga routine you can do anywhere and anytime to relieve stress. Not only do you really focus on your breathing, but you move and stretch your spine to help you feel looser.  De-Stress Yoga Flow Start in a Standing at Attention Pose – feet firmly planted on ground, toes apart, […]