Move Slowly in Return to the Gym

Focus on your resilience in your return to the gym. You can't speed up your body's adaptation to training stress.

Three Keys to Return to Strength Training in the Gym Prior to the pandemic, my goal in the gym was to lift heavy things to build overall strength that I could tap for on-the-bike endurance.  I was deadlifting with a hex bar, using dumbbells for shoulder, back, and chest work, and doing a lot of […]

6plusONE Will Motivate Your Fitness

A 6plusONE online workout plan combines a custom mix of strength training, HIIT work, yoga, and endurance to meet your fitness needs.

Get Accountability and Motivation With Online Workout Plan Let’s face it: Unless you’ve been going back to a gym, your at-home workouts have not been good. Even if you use an expensive or free online workout plan, it’s a challenge to keep going. Since the pandemic caused the shutdown in March, people have told me […]

Why Should Older People Continue to Strength Train

When we started working together, my 70-something client could barely bend her hips and knees. Within several months, she was doing squats and finding new mobility to move. One of the best parts of my job as a trainer at the WAC is working with older members who are strength training.  Most of the time, […]

Lower Body Unilateral Strength and Re-Balancing

Doing unilateral lower body work strengths and re-balances your hips, legs, and ankles.

Some weeks ago, I did a post on lower body unilateral strength work in the weight room. As we enter the winter off-season (for most of us), it’s time to re-examine some good moves to build strength and balance. There’s two important reasons to do lower body unilateral strength work, especially as an endurance athlete. […]

Bicycling: A Spin Bike Workout Options to Keep Riding

If you’re stuck inside or want to step up your intervals, doing a spin bike workout is a great way to get some solid work in in a short amount of time. Bicycling Magazine posted a story about three good spin bike workouts if you are riding solo inside. They could also be used for […]

When Peaking for a Season Gets Derailed, You Make Lemonade (With Whiskey)

Recovering from a broken radius/ ulna and two surgeries this summer has been a challenge for my training, but today’s workout gives me some hope of peaking for the rest of cyclocross season. Cyclocross is always my main focus during the year, although next year I plan to branch out into some gravel racing and […]

Build Endurance and Strength to Get Fast

Even if you're trying to get faster, you need to slow down to build a base.

I’m working with a 22-year-old man with hopes of finding a spot on a pro Ultimate Frisbee team. We need to build endurance and strength to get fast His goal is to improve his sprint endurance. Ultimate is a high-intensity game of a lot of short sprints, twisting and jumping, and core strength to do […]

Six Movements for Full-Body Strength Training

For anyone, it can be bewildering to walk into a gym not knowing exactly what you’re going to do to get a solid full-body workout. Full-body strength training at least once a week will help build a stronger foundation for the work you’re asking your body to do. If you are an endurance athlete, or […]

Strength Training for Endurance Sports Workout

An athlete needs strength training for endurance sports to build and maintain muscle, build strength, and develop a strong core to stabilize movement. This is a quick workout focusing on major muscle groups. 1. Squats This is one of the basics of all strength training for endurance athletes. Push your butt back as you slowly […]