Your Butt is a Steering Wheel, Make Sure It’s Got Power!

Female athletes need a strong core (abs, obliques, glutes, hips, and back) to stay injury-free as well as perform their best.

Female Athletes Need a Strong Core for Stability, Mobility, and Strength (This is one in a series of articles about how women can improve their performance with endurance sports based on the revolutionary book by Dr. Stacy Sims called Roar.) I’ve written a lot about core strength here, especially the evils of crunches and sit-ups. […]

Can Menopausal Cyclists and Runners Regain Their Competitive Edge?

Cycling clothing for women has changed to be better fitting.

Menopausal cyclists and runners can use fueling, strength, and protein to counteract declining hormonal levels. (This is one in  a series of articles based on Stacy Sim’s groundbreaking book Roar.) Menopause is tough on all women.  And for menopausal cyclists and runners, the hormonal changes can be life-altering.  The good news is that according to […]

Around The World, More Women On Bikes Assert Their Rights On The Road

More Women on Bikes Means Safer Streets We have seen some positive come out of this time of pandemic and social unrest.  More people are getting on bicycles.  Importantly, more women are on bikes.  The media has finally been more conscious of including women of color in their cycling adventures.  And we’re learning about groups […]

Move Slowly in Return to the Gym

Focus on your resilience in your return to the gym. You can't speed up your body's adaptation to training stress.

Three Keys to Return to Strength Training in the Gym Prior to the pandemic, my goal in the gym was to lift heavy things to build overall strength that I could tap for on-the-bike endurance.  I was deadlifting with a hex bar, using dumbbells for shoulder, back, and chest work, and doing a lot of […]

Build Your Cycling Endurance

Cycling clothing for women has changed to be better fitting.

A cycling endurance training plan improves endurance capacity, strength, and speed In a “normal” year, we’d all be checking off the adventures, events, rides, and races we targeted over the winter and spring. We had used periodization and a cycling endurance training plan to plan out our training to arrive at a peak fitness for […]

How to Create Your Own 5k Race During the Pandemic

Instead of worrying about what you missed, create your very own adventure event! If you’ve been sitting on a couch, watching Netflix for the past month, and now, you’re just itching to do something, ANYTHING! So it’s time to plan to create your own 5k race during the pandemic – or other adventure, if you’re […]

Fitness Adaptation Takes Four to Eight Weeks

I wish I had a dollar for every person at my gym who starts a fitness program, then, after a couple of weeks, never shows up again. Fitness adaptation is the reason so many people stop their exercise and training plans after four or six weeks.  People with great intentions don’t much in the way […]

Lower Body Unilateral Strength and Re-Balancing

Doing unilateral lower body work strengths and re-balances your hips, legs, and ankles.

Some weeks ago, I did a post on lower body unilateral strength work in the weight room. As we enter the winter off-season (for most of us), it’s time to re-examine some good moves to build strength and balance. There’s two important reasons to do lower body unilateral strength work, especially as an endurance athlete. […]

First-Time Cross Racers Finish Strong, Ready for More

The Tough Udder cyclocross race in Dousman, WI, is a no joke of a race for your first excursion into the world of cross. It’s on a farm with rough, rutted paths, steep inclines and declines, and a really muddy creek crossing. Both Amanda and James, the two intrepid souls who took my course at […]

Client Uses Menstrual Cycle, Marathon Training Plan to Improve Time

Several months ago, the daughter of a friend agreed to try out the ideas in Dr. Stacy Sims‘ book Roar, which argues that with nutrition and training, women are not small men, for her marathon training. One major part of Sims’ work is how women can use their menstrual cycles to guide and boost their […]

WAC Members Get Ready for First Cyclocross Race

I wrote a long note to the people in my Wisconsin Athletic Club Cyclocross class the night before their first race, and so I thought I’d share it since it gets at what we’re all about. In the class, we’ve been working on skills and training for the past six weeks, and they’ve made incredible […]

Bicycling: A Spin Bike Workout Options to Keep Riding

If you’re stuck inside or want to step up your intervals, doing a spin bike workout is a great way to get some solid work in in a short amount of time. Bicycling Magazine posted a story about three good spin bike workouts if you are riding solo inside. They could also be used for […]

Nash: Focus, Fun, Balance Keeps Her Successful

Katerina Nash, winner of the recent cyclocross World Cup at the Trek headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, says having fun and keeping a balance in life is the key to staying successful in endurance sports over decades. Nash, 41, has won world-level races in cross-country skiing, cyclocross, and mountain biking, including appearances in the Olympics for […]

A Gym Cycle Class Can Be a Great Tool to Gain Fitness

An indoor cycle class at the Wisconsin Athletic Club, LLC was a great option to try to maintain some fitness after I broke my arm right before cyclocross season.

In Praise of Cycle Class An indoor cycle class at my gym was turned out to be a great option to try to maintain some fitness after I broke my arm right before final training for cyclocross season. I broke my arm July 29 and needed two surgeries to get all the bones back in […]

Six Movements for Full-Body Strength Training

For anyone, it can be bewildering to walk into a gym not knowing exactly what you’re going to do to get a solid full-body workout. Full-body strength training at least once a week will help build a stronger foundation for the work you’re asking your body to do. If you are an endurance athlete, or […]

Using Menstrual Cycles to Boost Performance

I’m a man. We’ll acknowledge that right away. So the topic of using menstrual cycles to boost performance is not something I have personal experience with. All I know about women’s menstrual cycles comes from research – except that I live with a female wife and a female teenager.  And we’ll acknowledge that anything I say […]

Strength Training for Endurance Sports Workout

An athlete needs strength training for endurance sports to build and maintain muscle, build strength, and develop a strong core to stabilize movement. This is a quick workout focusing on major muscle groups. 1. Squats This is one of the basics of all strength training for endurance athletes. Push your butt back as you slowly […]