Your Post-Workout Yoga Routine is Powerful Tool For Improved Recovery

Foundation Yoga provides purposeful sequences for runners and cyclist

Yoga has so many benefits for runners and cyclists. Yoga for recovery is a great tool for creating some movement to counter tight hip flexors, shoulders, and neck. Yoga is great for building strength and mobility. We spend a lot of time moving forward in one plane. Yoga strengthens twisting and lateral muscles and movement. […]

Cycling Kit for Simple Endurance Coaching !

We’ve created kit (cycling clothing) for Simple Endurance Coaching. Jakroo has been designing the kit and will produce it for us. We are not starting a team! However, if you want some stylish cycling clothing to ride in, check it out! Here are the costs: Nova Jersey 116 (2-5 items) 94 (6+ items) Peloton Pro […]