Your Butt is a Steering Wheel, Make Sure It’s Got Power!

Female athletes need a strong core (abs, obliques, glutes, hips, and back) to stay injury-free as well as perform their best.

Female Athletes Need a Strong Core for Stability, Mobility, and Strength (This is one in a series of articles about how women can improve their performance with endurance sports based on the revolutionary book by Dr. Stacy Sims called Roar.) I’ve written a lot about core strength here, especially the evils of crunches and sit-ups. […]

Want to Feel Better as an Older Person? Lift Weights!

No matter how old you are, it's never too late to train with weight. The benefits, especially for runners, cyclists, and women, are immense.

Weight Training for Older Cyclists and Runners Brings Better Health, Bone Strength, and Mobility Joan MacDonald was 70 years young when she started working out to deal with high blood pressure and acid reflux. Now look at her! Mike Harrington went to a personal trainer at 69-years-young to deal with weight gain and improve his […]

You Need More Strength Training for Better Balance, Endurance

Strength training for balance

Unilateral Single Leg Strength Works Helps Cyclists and Runners Prevent Injuries, Builds Mobility I admit it. Working out at home has been a challenge. My wife, because she is amazing, somehow found some kettlebells online for Father’s Day. But for the most part, I’ve been trying to maintain some strength without going back to the […]

Move Slowly in Return to the Gym

Focus on your resilience in your return to the gym. You can't speed up your body's adaptation to training stress.

Three Keys to Return to Strength Training in the Gym Prior to the pandemic, my goal in the gym was to lift heavy things to build overall strength that I could tap for on-the-bike endurance.  I was deadlifting with a hex bar, using dumbbells for shoulder, back, and chest work, and doing a lot of […]

6plusONE Will Motivate Your Fitness

A 6plusONE online workout plan combines a custom mix of strength training, HIIT work, yoga, and endurance to meet your fitness needs.

Get Accountability and Motivation With Online Workout Plan Let’s face it: Unless you’ve been going back to a gym, your at-home workouts have not been good. Even if you use an expensive or free online workout plan, it’s a challenge to keep going. Since the pandemic caused the shutdown in March, people have told me […]

Learning the Hard Way to Focus on Process

When we focus solely on results, we create unsustainable expectations. When we focus on the process, we develop better habits and behaviors for our life.

I learn the hard way. Lessons need to beat me upside my head before they sink in.  And what I have slowly learned over a 35 year career of doing endurance sports is that to focus on process in training our bodies and minds helps us become better people. As a cyclist, runner, cross-country skier, […]

What Are You Stressing About?

As athletes, what are you worried about?

Let’s share our thinking about endurance training during coronavirus We’re all feeling a little stressed – maybe a lot stressed – in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are worried about the same things everyone else – health, the economy, what this world might look like when we get back to “normal.” But as […]

Build a Consistent Training Schedule During Coronavirus Quarantine

Dr. Sims argues, that with some supplements and tweaks to fueling, women can improve training performance during their menstrual cycle

We could be in a for a long haul, folks. Nearly all April and most May endurance sport events have been cancelled or postponed. June events are also in danger. I wrote about some strategies to try for training during this time. I’ve been home now for three weeks, doing a combination of a lot […]

Fit Challenge is Core Workout From Home

Make a plan and get the work done, especially when you're not feeling it!

The four-week challenge works your core without equipment During the pandemic, keeping – or getting – or core (belly and back) in good shape is relatively easy to do and requires no equipment. I offer the Fit From Home Challenge, just to challenge ourselves, do something together, and keep fit during social distancing. The Fit […]

Indoor and Outdoor Social Distance Exercises

Indoor strength workouts

I am trying to keep fit by running and cycling as well as continue to strength train. Plus, I want to help my clients at the WAC continue their progress while the world turns upside down. Keeping fit and continuing to workout is a challenge with social distancing since most gyms are closed. I offer […]

Why Should Older People Continue to Strength Train

When we started working together, my 70-something client could barely bend her hips and knees. Within several months, she was doing squats and finding new mobility to move. One of the best parts of my job as a trainer at the WAC is working with older members who are strength training.  Most of the time, […]

Fitness Adaptation Takes Four to Eight Weeks

I wish I had a dollar for every person at my gym who starts a fitness program, then, after a couple of weeks, never shows up again. Fitness adaptation is the reason so many people stop their exercise and training plans after four or six weeks.  People with great intentions don’t much in the way […]

Six Better Alternatives to Evil Crunches and Sit-Ups

Women need heavy strength training to counter the loss of lean muscle mass as they age. This means doing low-rep, high-weight strength training.

Looking to Build Your Core More Effectively? Even if you can’t get back to the gym right now, a core workout is great for stability and mobility. However, don’t stop what you’re doing and pound out 100 crunches. Turns out that recent research shows crunches are not the best tool for core strength, and they […]

Nine Ways to Get to the Gym When It Feels Impossible

Improving strength and fitness requires changes in your lifestyle and daily habits, including how often you get to the gym. However, research shows that many people don’t consistently continue with their fitness goals because it can be really hard to get to the gym, even if you’re paying the monthly membership. But the beauty of […]

TRX Full-Body Functional Strength Training

The TRX bands, invented by a Navy Seal to provide a great workout with a simple strap, gives you a full-body exercise program that builds functional strength, mobility, excellent core stability. The TRX straps, or as my daughter calls them: the T-Rex bands, will definitely help you get strong! You use either your hands or […]

Lower Body Unilateral Strength and Re-Balancing

Doing unilateral lower body work strengths and re-balances your hips, legs, and ankles.

Some weeks ago, I did a post on lower body unilateral strength work in the weight room. As we enter the winter off-season (for most of us), it’s time to re-examine some good moves to build strength and balance. There’s two important reasons to do lower body unilateral strength work, especially as an endurance athlete. […]

Client Uses Menstrual Cycle, Marathon Training Plan to Improve Time

Several months ago, the daughter of a friend agreed to try out the ideas in Dr. Stacy Sims‘ book Roar, which argues that with nutrition and training, women are not small men, for her marathon training. One major part of Sims’ work is how women can use their menstrual cycles to guide and boost their […]

Build Endurance and Strength to Get Fast

Even if you're trying to get faster, you need to slow down to build a base.

I’m working with a 22-year-old man with hopes of finding a spot on a pro Ultimate Frisbee team. We need to build endurance and strength to get fast His goal is to improve his sprint endurance. Ultimate is a high-intensity game of a lot of short sprints, twisting and jumping, and core strength to do […]