Want to Feel Better as an Older Person? Lift Weights!

No matter how old you are, it's never too late to train with weight. The benefits, especially for runners, cyclists, and women, are immense.

Weight Training for Older Cyclists and Runners Brings Better Health, Bone Strength, and Mobility Joan MacDonald was 70 years young when she started working out to deal with high blood pressure and acid reflux. Now look at her! Mike Harrington went to a personal trainer at 69-years-young to deal with weight gain and improve his […]

Why Should Older People Continue to Strength Train

When we started working together, my 70-something client could barely bend her hips and knees. Within several months, she was doing squats and finding new mobility to move. One of the best parts of my job as a trainer at the WAC is working with older members who are strength training.  Most of the time, […]

TRX Full-Body Functional Strength Training

The TRX bands, invented by a Navy Seal to provide a great workout with a simple strap, gives you a full-body exercise program that builds functional strength, mobility, excellent core stability. The TRX straps, or as my daughter calls them: the T-Rex bands, will definitely help you get strong! You use either your hands or […]