Learning the Hard Way to Focus on Process

When we focus solely on results, we create unsustainable expectations. When we focus on the process, we develop better habits and behaviors for our life.

I learn the hard way. Lessons need to beat me upside my head before they sink in.  And what I have slowly learned over a 35 year career of doing endurance sports is that to focus on process in training our bodies and minds helps us become better people. As a cyclist, runner, cross-country skier, […]

Training Process Before Results Can Bring More to Life


Deprey: the Process of Training is the Whole Point When we focus solely on getting results in our endurance sports, we create unsustainable expectations for ourselves. But when we focus on the training process instead of training just for results, the habits we develop can bring us a happier and more fulfilled life. For Derek Deprey, […]

How to Create Your Own 5k Race During the Pandemic

Instead of worrying about what you missed, create your very own adventure event! If you’ve been sitting on a couch, watching Netflix for the past month, and now, you’re just itching to do something, ANYTHING! So it’s time to plan to create your own 5k race during the pandemic – or other adventure, if you’re […]

What Are You Stressing About?

As athletes, what are you worried about?

Let’s share our thinking about endurance training during coronavirus We’re all feeling a little stressed – maybe a lot stressed – in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are worried about the same things everyone else – health, the economy, what this world might look like when we get back to “normal.” But as […]

Build a Consistent Training Schedule During Coronavirus Quarantine

Dr. Sims argues, that with some supplements and tweaks to fueling, women can improve training performance during their menstrual cycle

We could be in a for a long haul, folks. Nearly all April and most May endurance sport events have been cancelled or postponed. June events are also in danger. I wrote about some strategies to try for training during this time. I’ve been home now for three weeks, doing a combination of a lot […]