Can Menopausal Cyclists and Runners Regain Their Competitive Edge?

Cycling clothing for women has changed to be better fitting.

Menopausal cyclists and runners can use fueling, strength, and protein to counteract declining hormonal levels. (This is one in  a series of articles based on Stacy Sim’s groundbreaking book Roar.) Menopause is tough on all women.  And for menopausal cyclists and runners, the hormonal changes can be life-altering.  The good news is that according to […]

Build a Consistent Training Schedule During Coronavirus Quarantine

Dr. Sims argues, that with some supplements and tweaks to fueling, women can improve training performance during their menstrual cycle

We could be in a for a long haul, folks. Nearly all April and most May endurance sport events have been cancelled or postponed. June events are also in danger. I wrote about some strategies to try for training during this time. I’ve been home now for three weeks, doing a combination of a lot […]

Polarized Training Offers the Best Tool for Endurance Sport Training

There has been a growing body of research shows that polarized training increases: VO2 max, your ability to use oxygen to fuel your efforts; time to exhaustion; adaptation to training stress; velocity and power. With polarized training, endurance athletes do a majority of long, slow distance work at their base aerobic level. And they do […]

Adapt Your Endurance Training in the Pandemic

If you've been training for events that are now cancelled or postponed, look long-term. Plan for your training with coronavirus with lots of endurance.

Plan your training with the pandemic to look long-term A friend of mine was logging a lot of long indoor trainer sessions this winter to prepare for the Dirty Kanza scheduled for May.  But most of the spring and summer races have been cancelled or postponed. The fall events are not looking good either. Moreover, […]

Fitness Adaptation Takes Four to Eight Weeks

I wish I had a dollar for every person at my gym who starts a fitness program, then, after a couple of weeks, never shows up again. Fitness adaptation is the reason so many people stop their exercise and training plans after four or six weeks.  People with great intentions don’t much in the way […]

First-Time Cross Racers Finish Strong, Ready for More

The Tough Udder cyclocross race in Dousman, WI, is a no joke of a race for your first excursion into the world of cross. It’s on a farm with rough, rutted paths, steep inclines and declines, and a really muddy creek crossing. Both Amanda and James, the two intrepid souls who took my course at […]

Client Uses Menstrual Cycle, Marathon Training Plan to Improve Time

Several months ago, the daughter of a friend agreed to try out the ideas in Dr. Stacy Sims‘ book Roar, which argues that with nutrition and training, women are not small men, for her marathon training. One major part of Sims’ work is how women can use their menstrual cycles to guide and boost their […]

WAC Members Get Ready for First Cyclocross Race

I wrote a long note to the people in my Wisconsin Athletic Club Cyclocross class the night before their first race, and so I thought I’d share it since it gets at what we’re all about. In the class, we’ve been working on skills and training for the past six weeks, and they’ve made incredible […]

When Peaking for a Season Gets Derailed, You Make Lemonade (With Whiskey)

Recovering from a broken radius/ ulna and two surgeries this summer has been a challenge for my training, but today’s workout gives me some hope of peaking for the rest of cyclocross season. Cyclocross is always my main focus during the year, although next year I plan to branch out into some gravel racing and […]

Build Endurance and Strength to Get Fast

Even if you're trying to get faster, you need to slow down to build a base.

I’m working with a 22-year-old man with hopes of finding a spot on a pro Ultimate Frisbee team. We need to build endurance and strength to get fast His goal is to improve his sprint endurance. Ultimate is a high-intensity game of a lot of short sprints, twisting and jumping, and core strength to do […]

Six Movements for Full-Body Strength Training

For anyone, it can be bewildering to walk into a gym not knowing exactly what you’re going to do to get a solid full-body workout. Full-body strength training at least once a week will help build a stronger foundation for the work you’re asking your body to do. If you are an endurance athlete, or […]

Using Menstrual Cycles to Boost Performance

I’m a man. We’ll acknowledge that right away. So the topic of using menstrual cycles to boost performance is not something I have personal experience with. All I know about women’s menstrual cycles comes from research – except that I live with a female wife and a female teenager.  And we’ll acknowledge that anything I say […]

Strength Training for Endurance Sports Workout

An athlete needs strength training for endurance sports to build and maintain muscle, build strength, and develop a strong core to stabilize movement. This is a quick workout focusing on major muscle groups. 1. Squats This is one of the basics of all strength training for endurance athletes. Push your butt back as you slowly […]