First-Time Cross Racers Finish Strong, Ready for More

The Tough Udder cyclocross race in Dousman, WI, is a no joke of a race for your first excursion into the world of cross. It’s on a farm with rough, rutted paths, steep inclines and declines, and a really muddy creek crossing. Both Amanda and James, the two intrepid souls who took my course at […]

WAC Members Get Ready for First Cyclocross Race

I wrote a long note to the people in my Wisconsin Athletic Club Cyclocross class the night before their first race, and so I thought I’d share it since it gets at what we’re all about. In the class, we’ve been working on skills and training for the past six weeks, and they’ve made incredible […]

Nash: Focus, Fun, Balance Keeps Her Successful

Katerina Nash, winner of the recent cyclocross World Cup at the Trek headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, says having fun and keeping a balance in life is the key to staying successful in endurance sports over decades. Nash, 41, has won world-level races in cross-country skiing, cyclocross, and mountain biking, including appearances in the Olympics for […]

Build Endurance and Strength to Get Fast

Even if you're trying to get faster, you need to slow down to build a base.

I’m working with a 22-year-old man with hopes of finding a spot on a pro Ultimate Frisbee team. We need to build endurance and strength to get fast His goal is to improve his sprint endurance. Ultimate is a high-intensity game of a lot of short sprints, twisting and jumping, and core strength to do […]