This Cycling Adventure Was a Bit Too Epic – This Time

cycling adventure

Railroad Tracks, Prickly Bushes, Mosquitoes, and Mud Make for a Little Too Much Challenge I love creating my own cycling adventure by finding fire roads or old logging roads. This particular cycling adventure, though, turned out to be a bit more than I bargained for. Amazing Gravel Roads for a Cycling Adventure in Sawyer County, […]

Running During Coronavirus Can Make Us Better People

My neighbor has been out running nearly every day. My wife has been getting out at least every other day, sometimes more. One of the “bright spots” of the Coronavirus pandemic is seeing more runners and cyclists out on the trails and roads. Running and riding are obviously not new. What’s different now is the […]

#DirtyKanzelled Ride A Great Adventure in Pandemic Times

Use Strava, Map My Ride, and Google Map to figure out how to create a cycling adventure: in my case a 100-mile loop with miles of limestone bike trails.

Figuring out how to create a cycling adventure gave me purpose and structure for my riding. Laurens Ten Dam, a Dutch former professional cyclist, had planned to come to the States to do several gravel races this year, including the famous Dirty Kanza in Kansas. Since all the gravel events were cancelled, Ten Dam created […]

What Are You Stressing About?

As athletes, what are you worried about?

Let’s share our thinking about endurance training during coronavirus We’re all feeling a little stressed – maybe a lot stressed – in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are worried about the same things everyone else – health, the economy, what this world might look like when we get back to “normal.” But as […]