Your Butt is a Steering Wheel, Make Sure It’s Got Power!

Female athletes need a strong core (abs, obliques, glutes, hips, and back) to stay injury-free as well as perform their best.

Female Athletes Need a Strong Core for Stability, Mobility, and Strength (This is one in a series of articles about how women can improve their performance with endurance sports based on the revolutionary book by Dr. Stacy Sims called Roar.) I’ve written a lot about core strength here, especially the evils of crunches and sit-ups. […]

Can Menopausal Cyclists and Runners Regain Their Competitive Edge?

Cycling clothing for women has changed to be better fitting.

Menopausal cyclists and runners can use fueling, strength, and protein to counteract declining hormonal levels. (This is one in  a series of articles based on Stacy Sim’s groundbreaking book Roar.) Menopause is tough on all women.  And for menopausal cyclists and runners, the hormonal changes can be life-altering.  The good news is that according to […]

Around The World, More Women On Bikes Assert Their Rights On The Road

More Women on Bikes Means Safer Streets We have seen some positive come out of this time of pandemic and social unrest.  More people are getting on bicycles.  Importantly, more women are on bikes.  The media has finally been more conscious of including women of color in their cycling adventures.  And we’re learning about groups […]

Want to Feel Better as an Older Person? Lift Weights!

No matter how old you are, it's never too late to train with weight. The benefits, especially for runners, cyclists, and women, are immense.

Weight Training for Older Cyclists and Runners Brings Better Health, Bone Strength, and Mobility Joan MacDonald was 70 years young when she started working out to deal with high blood pressure and acid reflux. Now look at her! Mike Harrington went to a personal trainer at 69-years-young to deal with weight gain and improve his […]

Your Post-Workout Yoga Routine is Powerful Tool For Improved Recovery

Foundation Yoga provides purposeful sequences for runners and cyclist

Yoga has so many benefits for runners and cyclists. Yoga for recovery is a great tool for creating some movement to counter tight hip flexors, shoulders, and neck. Yoga is great for building strength and mobility. We spend a lot of time moving forward in one plane. Yoga strengthens twisting and lateral muscles and movement. […]

You Need More Strength Training for Better Balance, Endurance

Strength training for balance

Unilateral Single Leg Strength Works Helps Cyclists and Runners Prevent Injuries, Builds Mobility I admit it. Working out at home has been a challenge. My wife, because she is amazing, somehow found some kettlebells online for Father’s Day. But for the most part, I’ve been trying to maintain some strength without going back to the […]

This Cycling Adventure Was a Bit Too Epic – This Time

cycling adventure

Railroad Tracks, Prickly Bushes, Mosquitoes, and Mud Make for a Little Too Much Challenge I love creating my own cycling adventure by finding fire roads or old logging roads. This particular cycling adventure, though, turned out to be a bit more than I bargained for. Amazing Gravel Roads for a Cycling Adventure in Sawyer County, […]

Move Slowly in Return to the Gym

Focus on your resilience in your return to the gym. You can't speed up your body's adaptation to training stress.

Three Keys to Return to Strength Training in the Gym Prior to the pandemic, my goal in the gym was to lift heavy things to build overall strength that I could tap for on-the-bike endurance.  I was deadlifting with a hex bar, using dumbbells for shoulder, back, and chest work, and doing a lot of […]

6plusONE Will Motivate Your Fitness

A 6plusONE online workout plan combines a custom mix of strength training, HIIT work, yoga, and endurance to meet your fitness needs.

Get Accountability and Motivation With Online Workout Plan Let’s face it: Unless you’ve been going back to a gym, your at-home workouts have not been good. Even if you use an expensive or free online workout plan, it’s a challenge to keep going. Since the pandemic caused the shutdown in March, people have told me […]

Learning the Hard Way to Focus on Process

When we focus solely on results, we create unsustainable expectations. When we focus on the process, we develop better habits and behaviors for our life.

I learn the hard way. Lessons need to beat me upside my head before they sink in.  And what I have slowly learned over a 35 year career of doing endurance sports is that to focus on process in training our bodies and minds helps us become better people. As a cyclist, runner, cross-country skier, […]

Build Your Cycling Endurance

Cycling clothing for women has changed to be better fitting.

A cycling endurance training plan improves endurance capacity, strength, and speed In a “normal” year, we’d all be checking off the adventures, events, rides, and races we targeted over the winter and spring. We had used periodization and a cycling endurance training plan to plan out our training to arrive at a peak fitness for […]

HIIT for Endurance Athletes Gives Big Boost

High-Intensity Interval Training Builds Endurance, Speed, and Power Among all the endurance sport training techniques out there, none have gotten the attention as high-intensity interval training or HIIT. And with good reason. HIIT for endurance athletes works, not only to build speed, power, and snap, but to build endurance. Yes, you increase your aerobic capacity […]

Training Process Before Results Can Bring More to Life

Deprey: the Process of Training is the Whole Point When we focus solely on getting results in our endurance sports, we create unsustainable expectations for ourselves. But when we focus on the training process instead of training just for results, the habits we develop can bring us a happier and more fulfilled life. For Derek Deprey, […]

Running During Coronavirus Can Make Us Better People

My neighbor has been out running nearly every day. My wife has been getting out at least every other day, sometimes more. One of the “bright spots” of the Coronavirus pandemic is seeing more runners and cyclists out on the trails and roads. Running and riding are obviously not new. What’s different now is the […]

#DirtyKanzelled Ride A Great Adventure in Pandemic Times

Use Strava, Map My Ride, and Google Map to figure out how to create a cycling adventure: in my case a 100-mile loop with miles of limestone bike trails.

Figuring out how to create a cycling adventure gave me purpose and structure for my riding. Laurens Ten Dam, a Dutch former professional cyclist, had planned to come to the States to do several gravel races this year, including the famous Dirty Kanza in Kansas. Since all the gravel events were cancelled, Ten Dam created […]

Cycling Kit for Simple Endurance Coaching !

We’ve created kit (cycling clothing) for Simple Endurance Coaching. Jakroo has been designing the kit and will produce it for us. We are not starting a team! However, if you want some stylish cycling clothing to ride in, check it out! Here are the costs: Nova Jersey 116 (2-5 items) 94 (6+ items) Peloton Pro […]

How to Create Your Own 5k Race During the Pandemic

Instead of worrying about what you missed, create your very own adventure event! If you’ve been sitting on a couch, watching Netflix for the past month, and now, you’re just itching to do something, ANYTHING! So it’s time to plan to create your own 5k race during the pandemic – or other adventure, if you’re […]

Strength and Stretch Yoga Helps Keep You Moving

A yoga for endurance sports routine builds strength and mobility I teach a Stretch class at the Wisconsin Athletic Club twice a week. (Or I did, until the pandemic shut the gym down.) We focused not as much on static stretching – which is simply holding a stretch – but on mobility and dynamic stretching. […]