Simple Endurance Coaching offers the tools, tips, and strategies through endurance sport coaching for anyone to achieve their personal goals.

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Yoga for Runners and Cyclists Helps Strength and Builds Balance Movement is critical for endurance sport athletes, especially runners and cyclists.

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A lack of motivation and accountability are the two main reasons people don’t stay with an exercise program.

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Our mission at
Simple Endurance Coaching

I help people of all shapes, sizes, and ages learn the particular fitness, physical and mental strength, and mobility tools needed to reach their endurance sport goals.

And while reaching for goals is an important part of the journey, focusing solely on the result as a goal means we miss the value that training brings our lives. If you want to get stronger/ faster/ finish more comfortably in your next 5k, Birkie ski race, sprint triathlon, or get in the winning break in your bike races… These goals require consistent training.


Let’s Talk About Your Goals

I work with you to set goals for your target event, set up specific training, and work with your individual needs to build strength and fitness.

I utilize your experience to create a program that includes an individualized combination of endurance and interval training, strength training, yoga, and mobility work.

Go fast some. Go slow lots. Lift heavy things. Rest and do yoga.

Keep your endurance sport training Simple.

Let’s get together! We’ll first talk about your goals and your past with endurance sports. Then we talk about how I might be able to help you!